Money Saving Tip #2: Use Your Library

I read a lot.  But, before I place an order at Amazon, I ALWAYS check out the online catalog at the Houston Library. About 30% of the time, the library has the book I’d otherwise have to pay for.  It’s usually checked out, but I reserve the book online, select which library I want to pick it up at, and the library sends me an automated e-mail as soon as the book is ready. All free.

In cases where the library doesn’t stock the book, I sometimes send in a suggestion form that asks the library to order the book.  Sometimes, they do. And they e-mail me when it arrives.

Wherever you are, you probably have a library available. Yours may not be as large as Houston’s, but it’s possible they will stock books based on your suggestions.  Give it a try if you’re an avid reader.  Could save you lots of money!


One response to “Money Saving Tip #2: Use Your Library

  1. Didn’t know they had an online catalog. Very cool.

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