My Favorite 5 Android Apps

I’ve been using an Android phone (T-Mobile G1) for a little over a year now, and I love it!  Thought I’d share my favorite 5 Android apps with y’all!

  • Shazam – Ever been listening to the radio and the DJ doesn’t tell you the name and artist for the song? Or you’re on the dance floor and need to know the song that’s playing so you can download it when you get home?  Well, Shazam “listens” to the music and identifies the artist and title, and saves the info for you in your “tags.” Not sure how it works, but it’s amazing!  This is a “can’t live without” app!  Suggestion for improvement: Let me share my tags on Facebook.
  • Facebook – No need to find a laptop to keep up with most everything on Facebook.  The newest version of the Android app lets you keep up with your inbox, friend requests, and news feeds.  I still prefer a full size keyboard for most Facebook functions, but this app is great during the workday or the commute home.
  • Movies (Flixster) – Lets you know what’s playing nearby, the showtimes, driving directions to the theaters, and you can even purchase tickets directly from the app.  Most people don’t know, you can also use it to manage your Netflix queue. I just wish it also worked with Redbox.
  • Google Maps – I spent a couple thousand dollars for the upgraded navigation system on my car, and yet this FREE app from Google works much much better, constantly updates (without me having to buy a new nav DVD every year) and gives turn by turn directions in a better voice! I just wish there was a way to hack Google Maps into my car’s navigation system!
  • Visual Voice Mail – A much better way to do voice messages! Lets you listen to messages in any order you choose, see who’s left the messages without having to actually hear them, and save important messages to your SD card.

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